Wilmer design by Stefan Borselius – Blå Station

How do we combine the values of a chair, an armchair and a table with the fast modern society that we live and work in? The differences between past, present and future, work and play, here and there, have been erased, and multitasking is the order of the day – especially for the younger generation.

The digital universal tools are in place and are constantly evolving, while the physical tools such as furniture and the rooms it is placed in are the same as always, traditional and in desperate need of development. You can use Wilmer in many ways, none of which excludes the other. Sit down and do some work or socialise with friends – or why not both while you’re there?
Wilmer comes as well as a swivel based arm-chair (without a table attached) and a conference chair with swivel or stiff base. Single tables suitable for Wilmer will be available later. Design: Stefan Borselius.

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