Morris JR design by Johan Lindau + Borselius & Bernstrand – Blå Station

Morris JR
Johan Lindau + Borselius & Bernstrand 2O15

Comfortable armchair with castors and a simple steel frame, Morris JR takes its inspiration from an original from the 1960’s with the name Morris, designed by Lindau & Lindekrantz. Morris JR is an easily placed flexible armchair where the loose back cushion serves as the finishing touch. Morris JR works with mobility in a natural interplay with the user and makes it easy to put an interior in order after the users have left the room and refurnished it according to their own needs and functions. With castors on the furniture you also save a few backs. Morris JR is also avail- able without castors.
Morris JR is, together with the armchairs Honken and Poppe, part of Experiment 2O15.


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