Dundra exclusive things design by Stefan Borselius – Blå Station

Exclusive things. Cushions come in many sizes and are used in many different contexts – to add a little extra comfort, to give a room a splash of colour, or simply to create a cosy feeling. Exclusive things are sometimes laid on a cushion to make clear just how valuable they are. Jewels, crowns and pearls. Our bodies deserve more cushions! Last year Stefan designed Dunder sofa, with a cushion as my inspiration for the project. Now he wanted to make a really comfortable upholstered chair based on the same premise. A chair with an even softer expression, a chair that would reduce the ambient noise in our surroundings and wouldn’t take up too much room. Dundra is a seating series in upholstered moulded polyurethane with a chromed tubular steel frame, comprising chair, armchair and bar stool.
Design: Stefan Borselius.


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