Spook design by Iskos-Berlin – Blå Station

Design is normally preoccupied with the idea of having full control over functions, forms, materials and so on. But why not be more forgiving and let materials behave as they “want” to behave according to their nature? Why not give an object the freedom to be “abnormal”? To be unique? Spook is a statement of opposition to the masculine striving for the submission of material, for overall perfection that tolerates no disobedience, no mistakes. A flat felt mat, draped into a three-dimensional shape, creates natural folds that later stiffen in the production process – folds that never twice fall in quite the same way. Each chair, being almost the same, becomes different. “Mistakes” are forgiven. They give life, they are accepted – no discards, no rejects! Spook chair is a mono-block produced in a single process using only polyester felt material. There is no frame of any kind, nor any additional materials like screws, glue or reinforcements. It is a 100% recyclable material.
Design: Iskos-Berlin.



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