Furniture Personalities of the Year for 2014

Johan & Mimi Lindau from Blå Station have been awarded the accolade of Furniture Personalities of the Year for 2014. This accolade is awarded by Möbelriket Småland, an umbrella organisation for furniture companies and related parties in Småland Province, and the furniture conference Möbelriksdagen.

WOW! What an honour!

What a reward for our dedicated work to improve and change the furniture industry.

The jury’s citation:

“With design and Swedish furniture culture in their blood, both of these colourful personalities have developed their skills and created their own and clear industry identity. Daring, determined and full of passion for design and the will to do the impossible, they break down borders and are good ambassadors for Swedish furniture and design identity.”

Blå Station was established in 1986, and ever since the start we have chosen to produce furniture that we like ourselves and that we believe has a rightful place in the market. We are delighted to have had this acknowledged by the industry and we would like to say a huge thank you for this wonderful award!
Johan & Mimi

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Möbelriksdagen in brief
This was the sixth consecutive year that Möbelriket organised the Möbelriksdagen conference in Småland. This year’s event took place on 9–10 January when Vaggeryd Municipality and the Kinnarps company in Skillingaryd hosted Möbelriksdagen.

About 450 industry representatives, educators, leaders and political representatives participated in the conference on site, and approximately 1800 people followed the event live online. Möbelriksdagen (literally, the furniture parliament) is a hub for conversations, debates and discussions on development issues and strategic issues for the design and furniture industries in Sweden. The topics raised include education and training courses, intellectual property law, internationalisation and production.

There is also a focus on design as a strategy and tool. The EU is looking specifically at three design regions in Europe that excel in terms of design skills, power of innovation and strong export. These three are northern Italy, southern Denmark and southern Sweden. One important issue that is therefore discussed during Möbelriksdagen is how Sweden – especially the southern part of the country – can boost its position as a design region in Europe. Questions are asked about how various players in the market, companies, politicians and industry can cooperate to reach this goal together. The number of participants in Möbelriksdagen grows each year, and it is clear that the event is here to stay.

The Furniture Personalities of the Year award was presented during the Möbelriksdagen Gala Evening, during which the awards below were also presented:

  • Marketer of the Year – from a list of nominees
  • Workplace of the Year – from a list of nominees
  • Newcomer of the Year – from a list of nominees
  • Design Company of the Year – from a list of nominees
  • Design Strategy of the Year (Designregion Småland) – from a list of nominees
  • Möbelriksfonden Grant Recipients of the Year – from a list of nominees
  • Design College of the Year – from a list of nominees
  • Furniture Personality of the Year – selected by Möbelriket and Möbelriksdagen
  • Honorary Award of the Year – selected by Möbelriket and Möbelriksdagen

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