Pocket is here! – Blå Station

Pocket is here! – Blå Station

Pocket is here

Product design: Stone Designs 2017

Pocket is an elegant solution to a previously un-designed need – an armchair that offers intelligent storage for bags, laptops, toys, gloves, spectacles… Pocket is our latest collaboration with Spanish design studio Stone Designs and has resulted in a soft, padded armchair where the pocket under the seat makes it possible to store all the valuables you are carrying. Like your own private hiding place, Pocket provides a surprising and private space perfect for all of the big and little things that you want to put down for a while in a hotel lobby, waiting room, bar, restaurant… Or why not at home or in the office? Pocket has stable steel legs and a shell of environmentally friendly PurCore covered with soft foam, upholstered in fabric or leather.

“We came up with the idea in a ski resort,” says Eva Prego, who together with Cutu Mazuelo, is the founder of Stone Designs. “People pile up their goggles, helmets and backpacks on the table during breakfast and lunch, so that it doesn’t pick up dirt from the floor. What a mess. And it steals table space from the restaurateur too. We just had to come up with an answer!”

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