Ping-Pong Mini make s big impact as it takes the solid Ping-Pong form factor to smaller and yet obvious dimensions by Johan Lindau – Blå Station

Ping-Pong Mini make s big impact as it takes the solid Ping-Pong form factor to smaller and yet obvious dimensions.

Perfect as a coffee table, a smaller bench or just that convenient extra side table.
Natural wood with stainless steel or brass.

Design by Johan Lindau 2001-2022



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Johan Lindau

Johan Lindau, born 1963 in Helsingborg. Born and bred in a home of designers. Thereafter educated, qualified and established in the design industry. Johan is Blå Station’s design manager and CEO.

He started off as a drafter for the designer Börge Lindau, where he discovered that most of his efforts ended up in the bin. After that experience he was an apprentice at a variety of manufacturing industries within the furniture trade to learn everything about materials, techniques and industrial processes.

He rapidly developed an eye for what was possible and what wasn’t, and how to turn a ’No’ into a ’Yes’ by posing the question ’What if’?

Blå Station was founded in 1986. That was the end of a chapter and the beginning of an entirely new one when everything really started.

Johan Lindau’s approach to work within the design process borders on religious conviction. He has a strong personality, is dynamic, persistent and questioning. He is design savvy, mindful and can voice his opinion. He wants to make a difference.

His driving force is a hands-on approach to working with external design with an innovative and far-reaching perspective. He has the resolve to be a strong contributing force to the necessary change which the Swedish and international furniture industry faces.

Johan is looking for designers with conviction, dedication and insight who will take design tasks very seriously, and who can deliver a simple, effective and functional solution. Designers who feel a responsibility for their products, in the same way a good parent feels responsibility towards their child, and who has the patience and knowledge to answer all questions that begin with – Why?

For Johan design is about far more than just a surface, the surface is just a result of the process.


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