Lucky Lounge – Blå Station

Lucky Lounge – Blå Station

Launching Lucky Lounge
Design: Luka Stepan 2018

Lucky has grown even more comfy with the new lounge version. The accentuated horizontal and vertical forms of its sibling are retained along with its generous and spacious proportions.

‘The original Lucky had a certain relaxed feeling about it,’ says Luka Stepan, ’we felt it could also work in a more causal environment, not only next to a dining table.’ The original as well as the lounge version is made in traditional materials: oak plywood, upholstered backrest, and a seat covered in leather or textiles. The sturdy yet flexible chair offers a calculated balance of proportions with a both open and closed character. ’We have upgraded Lucky thoroughly with a fully padded seat, contoured backrest, and a more laidback geometry,’ adds Luka Stepan. Generously evident in all its simplicity, the monochrome colour scheme underlines the stringent and classical expression, which all together offers an almost ritual seating experience.



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