Straw & Superkink – Blå Station

Straw & Superkink – Blå Station

Design: Osko + Deichmann.

No, we have not destroyed the properties of steel, we have simply stretched the limits of what is possible. What makes Straw unique is the way the tubular steel has been shaped. Instead of conventional tubular steel forms created by soft curves, Osko + Deichmann have kinked the steel – the most direct and dramatic way of shaping a tube.
The broken pipe is known as the most direct way to deform a tube, but placing the kinks in these positions has made the construction strong, and the kinks integrate with the independent expression.

superkink-easychair superkink

New in the Straw – Superkink family 2014:

Straw Chair – has gone from large (2010) to small (2014). It started off as a large chair – too large. Then it shrank considerably, but remained excessively large. After that, its dimensions were reduced slightly more, and NOW it’s perfect!
Straw family also consists of a lounge chair and a barstool. All stackable, in lacquered galvanized steel. For indoor or outdoor use.

New Straw Table with three legs and three legs always reaches the ground… For indoor or outdoor use. Lacquered galvanized steel. Tabletop in solid wood or powder-lacquered outdoor grade MDF.
Superkink Sofa and easy chair came 2013 but is now ready and in new exiting colours.


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