Vivi chair, a well-balanced masterpiece by Thomas Bernstrand – Blå Station

VIVI chair, a well-balanced masterpiece.

Design: Thomas Bernstrand 2013

Form isn’t fixed. Form isn’t static. Furniture like Vivi is traditional and functional, and updating this kind of furniture is among the toughest challenges to be found. Success depends on the ability to produce a well-balanced product that captures the spirit of the times. Wooden chair Vivi is a shell chair completely in layers glued ash wood with 4 legs or runners to withstand any environment, from the cafeteria to the auditorium. The chair comes with arm, connecting fittings, folding table and trolley. Vivi stacks in all models with 30 mm repeat which is impressive for a wooden chair. Read the full story on VIVI in our little Pixi book FOCUS, or on our website.





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