The new heavy duty Bimbo Aluminium! Design Peter Brandt – Blå Station

The new heavy duty Bimbo Aluminium! The versatile and stackable stool now in its most durable version ever and still as mobile as the wooden sibling.

Design: Peter Brandt

Peace, Love and Good #Design

Photo: Anders Norrsell


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Peter Brandt 1994

A stool is a tool! Bimbo is a stackable stool made of compression moulded wood. A cut out hole as a handle makes the stool easy to move around. Bimbo can be used almost anywhere one needs a temporary little place to sit or something to balance a foot on when one can´t quite reach and, of course, as a movable small table.

Bimbo started off as a colourful sketch, of small stackable stools, on the back of a presentation for another product. We liked the sketch and Peter Brandt was given the commission to further develop his idea. The result was Bimbo, which has received many awards over the years and has grown into a family of stools and small tables.