Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011 – Blå Station

Stockholm Furniture Fair


This year we are 25 years young. Nothing particularly remarkable about that, maybe, but for us pretty fantastic nonetheless! And reason enough to treat ourselves to cake and champagne whenever the mood takes us.

Our wish list: Peace, Love and Good Design!

Peace and Love, so clear, so easy to understand, to want and to wish for others.
But what’s good design? For us, it’s about more than mere appearances. For us, a new product must demonstrate a new attitude towards form, function, materials, needs or industrial processes. Otherwise, it’s just another product. It’s also about the way we change and improve our products – now and in the future.

Johan & Mimi


Blå Station

Blå Station AB. Box 1OO.
296 22 Åhus Sweden
Tel: +46 (O)44 3000331.