BOB, one of the latest members of the family – Blå Station

Design: Borselius & Bernstrand 2017 – 2018

BOB, one of the latest members of the family, has always cherished
ambitions about his future. Bob knows what Bob can do – all we had
to do was let him take charge of his own success. Five upholstered
sections soon became seven, which means endless alternative
combinations. These days, BOB can curve in or out or both at
once. We can fit power outlets and USBs into the seats if you want,
while add-ons like the CUT sofa tray and the JACK table maximize
possibilities. Last but not least, we can provide a base for BOB for all
those surroundings and functions where you need to sit a little higher.


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Blå Station AB. Box 1OO.
296 22 Åhus Sweden
Tel: +46 (O)44 3000331.
Fax: +46 (O)44 241214