The Wilmer easy chair’s harmonious but not humdrum brother Wilmer C by Stefan Borselius – Blå Station

The Wilmer easy chair’s harmonious but not humdrum brother, Wilmer C.

Design: Stefan Borselius 2012-2013

Wilmer is a hybrid between a dining chair, an office chair and an easy chair. And was in 2011 when the unequal Wilmer with one high and one low armrest arrived, the first of its kind. Wilmer retains all the advantages of the various chairs that are traditionally used for “active sitting”, such as the higher seat height and the compact size. But it combines these with the upholstery of an easy chair to provide a more relaxing, more comfortable seat. A comfortable upholstered conference chair or a neat little easy chair depending on the context in which it is used. Wilmer C has four legs, but can also be fitted onto the same under-frame as Wilmer T and Wilmer S. Now that Wilmer has started a family it might continue to grow, so keep a lookout!



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