Dent Dressed by O4i designteam – Blå Station

Dent Dressed
Design: O4i 2013-2014
The chair Dent with a “dressed” seat shell was first shown at Orgatec 2014.
Dent, who despite its three-dimensional surface is made entirely with ordinary veneer is now available in an upholstered version, Dent Dressed. Soft and comfortable to sit on and interesting in its expression, it fits all the underframes of Dent. The chair Dent was introduced to the market as a shell chair in moulded plywood in 2013.
The O4i design-team has managed to crack the code of how to press an ordinary veneer into a three-dimensional form. By thinking in a completely different way and by combining the curved paper theory with the wrinkled paper theory they have made what has been considered impossible, possible.



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