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Design your own ARC wall

ARC is our latest sound absorbing wall panel / wall decoration. As it’s siblings Ginkgo (2014) and Gaia (2016) ARC is designed by the Spanish design duo Stone Designs and was introduced at the Stockholm furniture in February. ARC is inspired by the arcades of the Colosseum in Rome and can be used in many vertical and horizontal configurations.

NOW we are happy to announce that the ARC Wall Planner is live on our website, it is a great tool to visualize, test and play around with your ARC designs.

Enter your wall measurements and choose what orientations and colours you like. The design, number of ARC and the different fabrics used are collected in one place that you can easily print and use as a helpful drawing during assembly. The wall planner works similarly as the Ginkgo and Gaia Wall Planners but just let us know if you have any questions on how to get the most out of the tool.





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