Sigill by Kristoffer Fagerström Note Design Studio & Gunilla Allard – Nola

Sigill is an elegant, outdoor design made with sustainability and flexibility in mind. The bench is produced by new manufacturing methods that have been optimised to reduce CO2 emissions and create a greener footprint. The oak seat is set within a metal frame coloured in forest green, a natural tone that complements the pale wood. The stackable model is a three-seater bench with an upright back, while the alternative version has a fourth seat set at an angle to the rest of the bench. Sigill is an efficient design with broad appeal, yet, it has the added value of having the seat height and armrests optimised for individuals who require stability when sitting down and getting up again. Sigill’s streamlined shape is easy to move, and its stackable version is simple to store. The Sigill bench is ideal for seasonal settings such as summer terraces, golf courses, or outdoor events.

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