Cushy lounger – Nola

Cushy lounger - Nola
Gripner & Hägglund
Cushy is an award-winning lounger that can be used individually or combined with others to create a bigger, sofa-style seat. Inspired by the plush comfort of big cushions, the seat and backrest are characterized by subtle curves and gentle contours that make the overall structure look softer. Crafted with net-like construction, Cushy is light and airy in expression, making its generous proportions appear sleeker. Its open construction allows rain and water to run off, making the product virtually maintenance-free. Cushy has been designed as a modular component that can create long, lateral rows, attach perpendicularly to form a corner. Cushy offers living room-like comfort with all the benefits of public space design.

Photo Jann  Lipka.



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