Wait by Andreas Sture / White Architects – Nola

As its name suggests, Wait was designed to offer comfort to those passing time in waiting rooms, reception areas, shopping centres and school corridors. The product presents a unique range of seating combinations, offering indoor versions crafted in FSC-certified oiled ash or birch, an upholstered version covered in any choice of fabric, and a range of combinations that combine both types. The outdoor version is crafted from a choice of hardwood and underpinned by powdercoated steel legs. The standard three-seater model can be extended to include as many individual seats as required. The proportions were determined in response to public tender requirements, resulting in a product range with seat height and armrests optimised for individuals who require stability when sitting down and getting up again. Each component has been evaluated according to its capacity for continuous use within a cradle-to-cradle product lifecycle. Worn or damaged parts can be replaced and recycled, extending the lifespan of the product and reducing its environmental footprint. Wait is a winning combination of sustainability and style, bringing comfort and versatility to public space environments.

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