Elegant steel frames, the products in our new Rousseau furniture group by Anki Gneib – nola

New Products for Urban Parks and Gardens

Stockholm Design Week 2022 gives us an opportunity to revisit the new designs by Anki Gneib’s launched last Autumn. The collection consists of a planter, a cluster of seating and a granite bench. The collection was presented in a beautiful garden courtyard during the Stockholm Creative Edition last Autumn.


Rousseau Furniture Series
Designed by Anki Gneib

With their elegant steel frames, the products in our new Rousseau furniture group create a thought-provoking encounters between classic and modern shapes. The furniture group is designed to suit a wide variety ofenvironments, from outdoor cafes and restaurants to city courtyards and urban gardens.




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Anki Gneib

Anki Gneib has an education in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at the University College of Art, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. In her studio, she works creatively with a wide range of projects such as residential architecture, interior design for commercial spaces with a focus on facility branding as well as furniture, lighting and product design. Her work is characterized by experimental and playful expressions through both process and results.





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