Frank child’s chair by David Taylor – Nola

Just as the Frank backed bench and outdoor armchair offer contemporary alternatives to classical park seating, the new Frank child’s chair provides a uniquely inclusive design. Children’s versions have been a standard feature in public space for several decades, designating areas where parents and children can sit in comfort. The Frank child’s chair is a sturdy and stable design, made with feet that attach securely to the ground. Wooden laths stretch across the recycled aluminium frame to form the seat and backrest, adding traditional elements to the armchair’s modern shape. When the child’s chair is installed together with the bench and armchair, the three products create a furniture set that suits any park, playground or public area. Like the children’s versions made for Nola’s Parco, Kajen, Hjorthagen and Bollnäs product series, this product also complements products such as Saddle, Tilted and the Four Season’s sun parasol. The Frank child’s chair was launched at a time when the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was being incorporated into Swedish law, establishing recommendations for child-centred approaches in all public sector activities.


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