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Kebne Outdoor Gym

Design Kauppi & Kauppi.

Kebne is not just another outdoor gym, but a centre for activity and exercise that the whole community can enjoy. Designed with outdoor fitness in mind, Kebne is a system of three-dimensional frames for low-impact resistance training, overall body conditioning, stretching, flexing, fun and play. The design is comprised of five ergonomic units that provide stations for exercise in urban parks or in landscapes outside the city centre. Easy-to-understand diagrams are attached to the frames to show how the system can be used.

Unlike complex gym equipment that requires constant maintenance, Kebne does not have to be calibrated or fitted with weights, cables and counterweights. The frames can be attached to almost any surface material or cast in concrete, with room for a layer of cushioning to be added underneath. Kebne has its own identity, function and role, giving it the potential to create an informal meeting point for people of all ages, body shapes and fitness levels. Kebne is designed to be inclusive, adding social content to its surroundings and bringing users together as they face similar fitness challenges and training goals. An excellent choice for schools, gardens, waterside parks and outdoor recreational areas, Kebne creates a new opportunities for fitness and fun.

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