Kaskad/Nola selected to the Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen

Nolas award-winning Kaskad armchair, by prominent designer Björn Dahlström, has been selected to be part of the exhibition “The Form of Success – Design as a Corporate Strategy” at the Red Dot Design Museum in Xiamen, China.

The Kaskad armchair, launched by Nola in 2011, will be presented at the Exhibition “The Form of Success” curated by the founder and CEO of the Red Dot Design Award, Professor Dr. Peter Zec. Exhibition design by Singapore, the Forest & the Whale-Studio.

– Kaskad is about extracting comfort out of a material – steel wire – that you don’t usually associate with a relaxed sitting experience. At the same time, it is the flexibility of the wire that is key to this, says the designer Björn Dahlström.

The Kaskad armchair is crafted from ribbons of curved steel attached to a contouring frame. The chair’s fluid form and flowing lines recalls shapes commonly used in contemporary art more than in industrial design. The armchair is maintenance-free, ergonomic and stackable and has been awarded, over the years, with prizes such as the Swedish Design S Award and the Red Dot Design Award Winner.

The exhibition is China’s leading design show, and brings together more than 600 works from 400 brands around the world. Focusing on the design concept, followed by the products and best practices of successful enterprises, how successful companies apply design for establishing brands and marketing.

The exhibition, “The Form of Success – Design as a Corporate Strategy”, runs from Dec 1st, 2019 – Nov 10th, 2020 at the Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen China.



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