Daggkåpa screen by Eva Schildt – Nola

Daggkåpa screen by Eva Schildt – Nola

Daggkåpa screen 

Design: Eva Schildt

Lady’s Mantle is a legendary plant, who claimed that the dewdrops captured within its leaves could create mystic potions. The plant continues to work magic today as its crisp outlines ornament this beautiful, laser-cut metal screen. Daggkåpa is a flexible screen and space-dividing system that can be installed in a range of heights and configurations. The supporting posts are available in two heights, and the screens can be installed at 90-degree angles. Made for use outside as well as indoors, Daggkåpa can be bolted to the ground to provide additional stability. Daggkåpa is designed with flexibility in mind, creating an adaptable screen that is quick to install and easy to enjoy.






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