Bruno Mathsson

– A little tense for the meeting with the famous furniture designer I had arrived in good time outside his parent´s home, which also served as a joiner´s workshop and office, at Tånnögatan in Värnamo. I was expecting to meet a strict and correct architect. Exactly on time a fiery red Rover with open roof top arrived, driven by Bruno Mathsson in casual sports wear crowned with an elegant leather pilot´s helmet. He made a magnificent entry, worthy of a master of the functionalistic design language.

This is how managing director Henry Thelander recounts his first meeting with professor Bruno Mathsson. The meeting led to life long friendship and working fellowship. Henry Thelander became Bruno Mathsson´s ”gray eminence¨ from that day and, in cooperation with his sons Bo and Dan, he now passes on the cultural inheritance from Bruno Mathsson in Mathsson International AB with subsidiaries Mathsson Form AB and Design Bruno Mathsson AB.