Wool rugs in classic patterns, now in new Scandinaivan color palettes – Kasthall

Kasthall’s classic pattern Stripe, Dot, Post and Sugar Cube are launched in a series of unique color palettes, inspired by the shifts in nature and the seasons.

Pattern family Häggå – timeless, small-scale patterns that suit all types of homes and rooms


Stripe, Dot and Post are classic Kasthall patterns and part of Kasthall’s hallmark, small-scale woven patterns that enhance the character of a room without being too eye-catching. With these new color combinations, however, efforts have been made to enhance the pattern images.

“Today you want to distinguish different intricate patterns in your rugs and preferably already at a first glance. It shows the rug’s solid craftsmanship and quality. When we selected the new color combinations for Stripe, Dot and Post, we were extremely careful that all new colors should strengthen the rug’s patterns”, says Lena Jiseborn, Head of Design at Kasthall’s Design Studio.


STRIPE ICON is inspired by ridge and furrows in the field and how nature shifts in the early morning light. Natural patterns interact in soft and warm colors, with adjacent tones creating the illusion of a relief pattern.

DOT ICON with its small dots form a discreet pattern that looks like a solid surface. But look closer, and you will notice a refined structural pattern. The colors are reminiscent of burnt terracotta and silver shimmering treetops, warm and cold tones in an elegant composition.

POST ICON with its rods that, when combined, forms a lattice pattern. The colors are inspired by the more urban contexts of nature, such as the harsh shadows cast from park streetlights, showcasing both depth and clarity. Simply put: Post is a bold design with a clear expression.


“I would dare to say that Stripe, Dot and Post are patterns that are easy to furnish with regardless of what type of interior you prefer. That is exactly what is so unique about all our rugs within the Häggå family”, Lena Jiseborn concludes.

Stripe Icon comes in the colors: Linen Beige, Straw Yellow, Green Field, Griffin Grey, Bark Brown.

Dot Icon comes in the colors: Burnt Terracotta, Blue Creek, Dusty Grey, Raw Umber, Silver Green.

Post Icon comes in the colors: Willow Green, Evening Blue, Grey Stone, Redwood Haze, Linen Beige.


Sugar Cube Icon – a woven rug in pure wool from a pattern originating from Kasthall’s Arkad Family

As the name of the rug describes, Sugar Cube, the pattern has the shape of a light square surrounded by a contrasting color. Combined it creates a modern, bold yet elegant pattern. Inspired by nature’s fantastic color variations, Sugar Cube comes in five soft and warm colors. The pattern Sugar Cube originates from Kasthall’s Arkad family. With its squares surrounded by contrasting color, this is a rug that stands out while the soft and warm color combinations fit most floors and rooms.

“The general trend goes towards more patterns, regardless of whether it is furniture, rugs or even floors. We have chosen to develop Sugar Cube Icon to meet that trend with a classic but bold pattern. The rug’s smaller squares stand out from the more subtle contrasting color which make the rug quite unique”, says Lena Jiseborn, Head of Design at Kasthall’s Design Studio.

The colors, such as yellow ocher to misty green have all been developed with inspiration from all of nature’s color changes.

“To choose the pattern Sugar Cube from the Arkad family was a given for us at an early stage in the process, but the colors were not as obvious. We really had to try out many alternative combinations. With inspiration from all of nature’s beautiful shifts, the colors should also fit all types of environments. I really think we have succeeded in this. All new Sugar Cube rugs are warm and soft at the same time as the pattern stands out”, concludes Lena Jiseborn Head of Design at Kasthall Design Studio.

The new colors are Dark Verona, Yellow Ocher, Slate Blue, Rye Beige and Misty Green.