Unique new wool yarn behind latest Kasthall originals – Katja & Freyja

Unique new wool yarn behind latest Kasthall originals - Katja & Freyja

Kasthall stumbled over the new wool around three years ago – which with its unique, wavy character awakened the design studio’s interest. At that time, there was no immediate plan for how to use the wool, which has since then been stored at the Kasthall factory in Kinna. When designer Maja Johansson Starander started working on the Legacy of Tomorrow collection, the wool popped up in her mind.

Kasthall has incorporated the wool in di erent ways into both new rugs. Inspired by fashion designer Katja of Sweden’s 60/70s patterns, the idea for Katja’s wavy, graphic pattern was born. The wool is unusually voluminous, facilitating the creation of Katja’s curly, undulating surface. Indeed, this unique surface inspired the Kasthall Design Studio to create a sister rug, Freyja. In Katja, the wool is tufted in di erent blunt cut heights, creating a mischievous, graphic pattern. In Freyja, an uncut bouclé tufting in combination with the unique qualities of the new wool, create an irregular, ru ed surface, bringing to mind moss and soil.


Katja is a rustic wool rug in which the pile is cut in two different heights to create an abstract, organic pattern. The raw texture of the rug and pattern, bring to mind exclusive garments that have fallen on the floor. Kasthall Design Studio has dyed the wool in soft nature tones, and the wool’s natural characteristics lead to interesting shifts in colour. The colour contrast in the wool also gives the rug an exciting depth. The short end of the rug has a minimalistic yet detailed edge, like the ribbing on a knitted garment. The inspiration for Katja’s elegant, light colour palette comes from the world of fashion.

Material: Hand-tufted rug in 100% wool
Colors: Cloudy Grey 500, Pale Violet Grey 610 och Wheat 800

When designer Maja Johansson Starander designed the hand-tufted rug Freyja, she was inspired by the landscape and nature of Iceland, with its characteristic elements of moss and lava, along with stone, soil and minerals. Inspiration from nature is also seen in the rug’s somewhat darker colour palette. Freyja’s irregular surface is framed with a glossy accent edging in hair yarn/linen, adding a lovely contrast to the softness of the tufted wool. The accented edge also makes the rug feel more squarelike in shape.

Material: Hand-tufted in 100 % wool with an irregular bouclé surface and an accent edge in hair wool/linen
Colors: Dark Grape 700, Green Gold 300 och Mineral Grey 200