Alvar Aalto Foundation partners with Habitare Pro

Habitare Pro, which accompanies Habitare on 13–15.9.2023, consists of an exhibition in Habitare’s Ahead area, an international programme of events for professionals, and a new event that invites the professional audience and design lovers to visit showrooms in Helsinki’s city centre.

The Alvar Aalto Foundation is, for instance, participating in Design Talk – Muutoksen design (in Finnish) discussion at the Academic Bookstore at 15 on Tuesday 12.9, and Design crimes and icons discussion at 3pm on Thursday 14.9 in Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, moderated by Max Fraser, Editorial Director of Dezeen, one of the world’s best-known design magazines.

Alvar Aalto – design talk: MUUTOKSEN DESIGN 12.9.2023 AT 15–16

Academic Bookstore, Keskuskatu 1, Helsinki

The world around us is filled with threats, climate change being one extremely acute problem. We are drowning in overproduced goods, while the quality and sustainability of products, services and construction have suffered. The air we breathe and our waterways are polluted, and our living environments – at home and out in the world – do not give us adequate protection or comfort in the midst of change. What must we do to find solutions to extreme phenomena and major problems, for example, in the urban environment? Discussing this in Finnish: Ville Blåfield, Hanna Harris and Mirkku Kullberg.

Design talk: Design crimes and icons 14.9. at 15-15.40

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre

Humans are already producing too much stuff but despite that, a vast quantity of products, buildings or services are introduced that fail to satisfactorily achieve their stated function, are badly made, don’t adequately serve their user or become irrelevant after a year or so. Our panellists highlight a few examples of ‘design crimes’ as well as temper their choices with examples of design excellence. Discussing this: Max Fraser, Antti Olin, Mirkku Kullberg and Tej Chauhan.

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In honour of our collaboration with Habitare, we are offering 10% off all normal-priced products in the Alvar Aalto Shop until 17.9.2023 with the code habitare10. The offer does not apply to guided tours or other ticketed products.

This year marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of Alvar Aalto (1898−1976). The architects and pioneers of modern design Alvar, Aino and Elissa Aalto made exceptionally rich and varied careers for themselves in Finland and abroad. During the year, the Alvar Aalto Foundation – along with its partners in collaboration – will be putting the spotlight on the story of Alvar Aalto’s architect’s office (1923−1994) and on the ideas that influenced its work, ideas that are still relevant today.

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Top picture: © Alvar Aalto Foundation.


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Alvar Aalto Foundation partners with Habitare Pro

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