A New Director for the Alvar Aalto Foundation

A New Director for the Alvar Aalto Foundation

Architect Tommi Lindh, Lic. Sc. (Arch.), has been appointed as the new director of the Alvar Aalto Foundation starting from 1 May 2013. He will be directing the Alvar Aalto Museum and leading the administration of the various units of the Alvar Aalto Foundation.

Tommi Lindh is a highly qualified and experienced professional in the field of built heritage and architectural conservation. He has strong professional networks internationally and holds positions of trust in several different architectural organizations. He is currently a senior adviser in the Ministry of the Environment, department of the built environment.

The Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväskylä has the world’s largest collection of works by a single architect. The Alvar Aalto Academy is an international forum in the fields of environmental culture, contemporary architecture and design. Together, they provide a comprehensive view of the work of Alvar Aalto – an architect and designer of international importance – with the means of collections, exhibitions and multidisciplinary research.

Tommi Lindh’s extensive professional experience will enhance the role of the Alvar Aalto Foundation among the three leading international organizations maintaining the heritage of modern architecture and individual architects.

The Foundation’s previous director, Susanna Pettersson, Ph.D., has been appointed as the director of the Finnish Institute in London.

Alvar Aalto Museum and Alvar Aalto Academy are part of the Alvar Aalto Foundation, based on the cultural heritage of Alvar Aalto and the values of humanity and ecology.

More information: Päivi Hovi-Wasastjerna,Vice Chairman of the Board  of the Alvar Aalto Foundation, tel +358 (0)50-3684168

Requests for interviews: Tommi Lindh, tel. +358 (0)44-5621625

Photo: Olli-Pekka Orpo