Fiber Conference Armchair enhances the idea of grand comfort by Iskos & Berlin – muuto

“One of the most difficult and noble disciplines of design is to create simple, well-functioning and almost ordinary objects that nevertheless have a strong identity. We designed the Fiber Conference Armchair to do just that. The chair’s sculptural language, paired with its wide seat, refuses to compromise on comfort and invites the user to be seated for hours on end. Through soft upholstery and the fixed cushion of its seat, the Fiber Conference armchair enhances the idea of grand comfort. The chair’s inner shell is made using recycled plastic for a conscious and innovative perspective on materials.”

— Iskos & Berlin on the design


Elegant ergonomics A striking silhouette combined with a distinctly ergonomic seat makes the Fiber Conference Armchair a compelling addition to any setting where we spend an extended time seated. Marrying the absolute comfort of its generous seat with a strong formal language, it naturally elevates a space, a sculptural presence around the conference table, in the meeting room or even at home around the dining table.

The interior shell of Fiber Conference Armchair is made of 99% recycled plastic from post-consumer waste. Its spacious seat and embracing curves come fully upholstered in textile or leather with a soft fixed cushion that provides maximum comfort in public spaces and the home alike. Its Swivel Base enhances mobility and freedom of movement while seated.