Macaroon – versus

Macaroon – versus

Designer Iskos-Berlin

“Our goal was to create an enticing “edible” sofa…”

Macaroon is a warm and inviting “family” of sitting-room furniture, including a two seater sofa and an armchair.
They share a clear and comprehensible sculptural language and structure, with softly rounded “cushions” that seem to be made of two halves… just like a macaroon.

Macaroon is designed for comfort and is constructed and manufactured according to the finest traditions of Danish furniture production.


ISKOS — BERLIN Design is a partnership of Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos.
The company works within the fields of industrial, furniture and graphic design. The firm was only established in late 2010, but Boris and Aleksej have been working together for a number of years. In 1987, Boris co-founded Komplot Design.