MINDCRAFT14 is presented in Milan 2014

MINDCRAFT14 is presented in Milan 2014

MINDCRAFT14 is presented in Ventura Lambrate during Milan Design Week 2014. The exhibition presents a carefully selected group of Danish craftspeople and designers with a diverse range of skills. MINDCRAFT14 is curated by Nina Tolstrup.


Exhibition: April 8-13, 2014
Address: Via Ventura 6, 20134 Milano

 Twelve Danish craftspeople and designers will present their works at the major design event Fuori Salone in Milan from 8 through 13 April. The exhibition comprises one-offs, experiments and near-finished prototypes. 

A fragile bracelet woven of mechanical pencil lead, a delicate dust-collecting stool and a lamp shade that looks like a skirt that is picked up by the wind. This year’s MINDCRAFT exhibition focuses on the artistic process that unfolds in the workshop when craftspeople produce their unique works.

“Danish craft draws on a strong tradition, where the workshop is the setting for basic research and experimentation – and for materializing extraordinary ideas,” says Nina Tolstrup, the curator of this year’s MINDCRAFT.

The Danish exhibition showcases the high level of design quality, the firm knowledge of materials and the innovative approaches that have helped make Danish design world-renowned. Another goal is to help the individual participant break through on the international scene.

According to Nina Tolstrup, craftsmanship and the experimental workshop processes have taken on growing relevance in recent years:

“Global industrial manufacturing is becoming increasingly uniform, simplified and thus also more vulnerable to plagiarism. Craft is a powerful response – as well as an important source of inspiration for renewal and development in industrial manufacturing,” she says.

The craftspeople selected to participate in MINDCRAFT14 are:
• Nikoline Liv Andersen
• benandsebastian
• Iskos-Berlin
• Katrine Borup
• Line Depping
• Morten Løbner Espersen
• Marie Torbensdatter Hermann
• Jakob Jørgensen
• Pipaluk Lake
• Kristine Tillge Lund
• Anne Fabricius Møller
• Marianne Nielsen

MINDCRAFT is an exhibition concept showcasing some of Denmark’s most talented craftspeople and designers. The curated exhibitions demonstrate the qualities, potentials and versatility of new Danish craft and design. The MINDCRAFT exhibitions are organized by the Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish Agency for Culture (2008-2013 organized by Danish Crafts).