Snøhetta & Vipp unveils nest-like cabins on the edge of Lysefjorden

Snøhetta has been working with local entrepreneur Tom Bjarte Norland and Danish interior brand Vipp to develop a unique experience on the edge of Lysefjorden on the Norwegian west coast. The Bolder project consists of four cabins lifted over the ground designed to harmonize in the best possible way with the surrounding nature and blur the lines between being indoors and outdoors.


Photo by: Henrik Moksnes / Bitmap

Outside is inside

When stepping inside, guests are left with the illusion of floating in the air on the edge of the cliff with unobstructed views over the fjord and mountains filled with Bonsai-like pine trees and boulders left by the glaciers when the ice age came to an end thousands of years ago.

To draw the serenity of nature inside the cabins, a minimalistic design ethos with furniture in natural and durable materials in earthy colors and organic textures was opted for in the interior design and styling. Thoughtfulness underpins the interior choices and accentuates the meditative flow evoked by the space.

The cabins boast an upper floor with a kitchen and dining area by Vipp and a ground floor with a built-in bed and bathroom. Wood, marble, and leather are recurring materials of choice in the selection of furniture. In contrast, the concrete flooring on the lower level adds a roughness to a sensible décor.

“We are proud to have done this project together with Snøhetta. When we were looking for someone to design these cabins in one of Norway’s most spectacular places, the choice was easy. For the interior, Vipp has a timeless and honest elegance combined with a solid and functional refinement which is of great importance when you have guests every day. This aesthetic fits well with our concept of architecture in nature”, says Tom Bjarte Norland.


Photo by: Henrik Moksnes / Bitmap

At one with nature

To reflect the nature of the building site, dominated by granite and slow-growing pine trees, Snøhetta chose to work with wood and concrete with aggregate from the actual site as the primary materials for the project. The trees that had to be taken down during the construction have been set aside to be re-used for other parts of the projects, and the granite that has been cut out of the ground has been used to make the concrete for the construction.

The wood used to build the cabins is untreated red Cedar that will gray with time, to create a natural look and blend into the rocky landscape. The Oak wood used inside is treated differently in the three small cabins, so visitors can have a slightly different experience when coming back.


Photo by: Henrik Moksnes / Bitmap

Shaped from the inside

The cabins are precise objects shaped from the inside, each focusing on the views and the qualities of the different rooms. The natural overlight and the large glass panels always give the inside a calming variation of the natural color specter throughout the day and through all kinds of weather – while keeping contact with the sky. The roof is mirrored on the underside to create an object free from the ground – hovering above the edge. The shape of the overlight is the same in size and placement as the concrete base. Asymmetrically placed, it creates the illusion that cabins are tilted out to the fjord, strengthening the sensation of weightlessness.


Photo by: Elin Engelsvoll

Like a nest

Both the inside and outside walls and roofs merge into one uniform shape. Letting the object be singular in the landscape and homogeneous on the inside. This gives the cabins a shallow and solid feeling, in many ways like a nest. Details on the inside are minimal and precise to ensure a complete experience with clean surfaces to not interfere with the spectacular view.

The light bridges above the landscape are made of Corten steel which also belongs to the natural material pallet in the area. Also lifted above the ground to minimize the footprint, the dimmed, neutral lights provide just enough light for the visitors to maintain the view in all directions also when the sun has set. Adding to the uniqueness of the Bolder cabins with the unobstructed views of the wild and constantly changing environment available day and night from your bedside. A true twenty-four-seven experience.

Except for electricity powering the light and the amenities in the cabins, the site is off the grid. The naturally sourced spring water coming out of the treatment plant under the parking is cleaner than the water in the local river running over the mountain.

The Bolder project will also feature two additional constructions set to be completed within the next few years – including a lounge and a gourmet restaurant serving locally sourced food.

Three of the cabins are now completed and open for bookings from the 1st of February. The last one, Eldhuset, is universally designed and will open around easter.


Photo: Elin Engelsvoll


Developer and owner: Tom Bjarte Norland
Architects: Snøhetta
Kitchen and interior partner: Vipp

Location: Lysefjorden, Norway
Size: Stylten, Myra, Stjerna are 38m2. Eldhuset (that opens around Spring 2023) is approx. 60m2.



Photos by: Elin Engelsvoll/The Bolder, Henrik Moknes / Bitmap and Elisabeth Heier



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