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New Designer at the Fair.
News from Karl Andersson & Söner

This year starts with exciting news from Karl Andersson & Söner. One new and four established designers have designed new pieces of furniture, which continue the company’s tradition with genuine, timeless quality furniture.

The new designer Moni Beuchel is studying her 3rd year at Konstfack (Collage of Art), Stockholm.

-"In a school assignment we were asked to design a furniture which should fit into a product program of a Swedish producer", says Moni Beuchel. "I chose Karl Andersson & Söner. They have a profile where handcraft and feeling of wood are keywords together with innovation that I like. I designed a sofa which has strong wooden feeling without being too heavy. It is comfortable and suits contract environment like receptions, restaurants and hotels as well as private homes" says Moni.

In a magazine, four students presented their results of the assignment. "We at Karl Andersson & Söner noticed her sofa. The sofa has a design which fits well in to our product program" says Sara Wadskog marketing director of Karl Andersson & Söner. "We got in touch with Moni and became very surprised when she told us that she had been thinking of us as a potential producer". The result shows in stand C13:61 and showroom Studio B3 Barnhusgatan 3, Stockholm.

An established partner is Christina Fürst. This year the new armchair "Kajenne" is launched. "-As a designer I have a clear idea, says Christina. I look upon my pieces of furniture as individuals who touch, with integrity and clear character. Important in my work are functional forms, care of details and high quality.



Karl Andersson & Söner shows also in stand C13:61 and showroom B3 the succé products "Trippo", design Ulla Christiansson, as dining- café and conference tables. The cabinet "2K" design Tony Almen Peter Gest is now available with glas sides.

Short of Karl Andersson & Söner

"…to produce genuine good quality furniture…" was the concept of the cabinet-maker Karl Andersson, when he started his company in 1898. This is still an important part of our company profile. Karl Andersson & Söner is a well-known family company, which produces furniture for contract and private markets. We cooperate with Scandinavien designers and export to big parts of Europe, USA and Japan.

The furniture is made of veneered blockboard, which we produce ourselves. Our cabinet-makers have excellent knowledge about wood and feel very strongly for their jobs. We are convinced that you will sense that in our furniture.

A piece of furniture from Karl Andersson & Söner should be beautiful and functional, fit in varied habitats and give a feeling of sober elegance.

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