Higher Power GUBI presents new, height-adjustable editions of GamFratesi’s Bat and Beetle Chairs

Two of the most cherished chair designs in GUBI’s collection, the Beetle and the Bat, have been given a functional makeover with the addition of adjustment mechanism that takes them to new heights of versatility.

Both of GamFratesi’s nature-inspired seating designs are celebrated for their chameleonic ability to suit any setting, with versions available for use everywhere from dining table to bar counter to boardroom. Now, the addition of a pneumatic height-adjustment cylinder to the chairs’ base makes them even more flexible, able to adapt to the diverse needs of the modern home office.

Today’s homes are more dynamic than ever, with the roles of different spaces changing throughout the day. What is a workplace by day is often a dining room by evening – and any furniture must be able to support that shift, both functionally and aesthetically. The Beetle and the Bat are both designed to be equally at home beside the desk and the dining table, making this transition smoothly and seamlessly.


“The Beetle and Bat’s new height-adjustable variations show that it is possible to create a highly ergonomic and practical office chair without necessarily adopting the corporate expression of technical seating. Fluid, organic, and inspired by nature, both designs offer a beautiful way to bring the functionality of an office into the informality of the home.”
– Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, Designers, GamFratesi

The Bat and Beetle Chairs are natural companions, sharing a design language and material identity, with ergonomics and comfort intrinsic to both seats. The Bat is beloved for the enveloping embrace offered by its fully formed, organically curving shell and armrest, whereas the now-iconic, two-part Beetle is celebrated for the way the seat and backrest flex in response to the body’s micromovements. Both chairs remain comfortable even when sitting for long periods – a benefit at the dining table, but an essential in the office.



The new mechanism allows the user to change the height of the chair by up to 11,5 cm /4,5 inches by making use of a lever under the seat. This allows the chair to be optimized both for different people in the household and to the nature of the task in hand. With desk-bound work often entailing up to eight hours of sitting a day, the combination of flexible movement and adjustable height allows for optimal posture and maximum comfort, minimizing lumbar stress and helping to improve focus.

The seats of the height-adjustable Beetle and Bat Chairs are set onto a black four-star swivel base in steel and aluminum – an elegant contrast to the five-star base common to commercial furniture. The base is available with either fixed gliders or castors, depending on whether the chair is to be used in one place, or wheeled around the home as required.

“GamFratesi’s distinct but complementary chair designs have proved themselves among the most versatile, able to fulfil multiple functions within the home while maintaining the same design expression. Now, the addition of a heightadjustable option to the Beetle and Bat seating families combines peerless practicality with an aesthetic identity that suits the home as much as the workplace.”
– Marie Kristine Schmidt, Chief Brand Officer, GUBI

Both Beetle and Bat are hugely variable in expression, with veneer and plastic material variants, and a wide range of upholstery options, fabrics, and colors available – from soft velvet to smooth leather – allowing them to blend easily into any interior.


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Higher Power GUBI presents new, height-adjustable editions of GamFratesi’s Bat and Beetle Chairs

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