Introducing the Plenum™ Cabin an exceptional creation by Jaime Hayon – Fritz Hansen

Introducing the Plenum™ Cabin, an exceptional creation designed for Fritz Hansen by artist and designer Jaime Hayon. This sculptural and flexible solution serves as a sanctuary for private conversations and informal meetings, seamlessly fostering interactions while elevating interiors with its distinctive design. Plenum™ Cabin is a characteristic and functional piece for the modern-day spaces where people meet, made to redefine collaborative spaces in large open environments.

Part of the larger Fritz Hansen Plenum high-back sofa series designed for modern work life, the Plenum™ Cabin stands out with its unique features. Optional integrated screens up to 27” seamlessly blend into the design, with clever cable management ensuring a clean and attractive aesthetic. The optional table further enhances functionality, providing an extra layer for productive meetings.

Incorporating sweeping curves and a high-back silhouette, this high-functioning cabin transcends functionality, emerging as a beautiful centrepiece in any setting.



The Plenum™ Cabin is not just furniture; it’s a versatile space-creation tool. Whether opting for screens or prioritising privacy, this cabin is designed to cater to diverse needs. It can be used to create a cosy atmosphere for remote connections or foster a sense of togetherness.

“With Plenum Cabin, my aim was to craft a space within a space – a haven for intimate conversations and informal gatherings. It’s not just a cabin; it’s an invitation to connect, to share, and to experience the best of human interaction in the workplace.” – Jaime Hayon

The Plenum™ Cabin’s adaptability is its hallmark, offering a plethora of customisation options, including upholstery types, colours and configurations to uniquely complement its intended space. Interior designers can choose from Fritz Hansen’s extensive textile range, including new recycled polyester upholsteries.

Fritz Hansen is proud to welcome a new era of dynamic and inviting collaboration environments where the Plenum™ Cabin stands as a testament to design excellence, innovation, and fostering meaningful interactions.