Resö chair designed by Matilda Lindblom, introduced in hundreds of new colors – Skargaarden

Previously available only in white, black, and graphite, Skargaarden’s minimalist yet solid Resö chair is now accessible in hundreds of RAL colors. This provides unique opportunities to match the project’s color scheme and surrounding environment.

Resö is a collection of stylish outdoor furniture, with soft and elegant lines that fit into any imaginable outdoor setting – rural or urban. The collection includes chairs and a bench, all made of lacquered, galvanized steel with a robust construction and durable materials, ensuring the furniture withstands outdoor conditions all year round in any weather.

In March 2024, Skargaarden makes it possible to order the Resö chair in any RAL color available in an almost unlimited number of shades. This makes it easy to tailor the outdoor environment for both private homes and public spaces. For architects, it also means that it is more convenient than ever to incorporate Resö and specify colors to follow color schemes and requirements for uniformity.



The Resö collection is designed by Matilda Lindblom, known for creating designs and furniture with great precision that may appear simple at first glance but reveal intricate qualities and clever details. This is reflected in Resö and the other collections she has designed for Skargaarden.

Skargaarden’s furniture design is distinctly Scandinavian but also draws inspiration from Bauhaus and Shaker styles. The furniture is now found all over the world, in private homes as well as luxury hotels and cruise ships. Many of Skargaarden’s collections are named after islands and classic coastal towns. Resö is an archipelago island in Bohuslän that defied depopulation and instead became a thriving tourist destination.