The new Kinnasand season is again under the sign of a unique lively world of colours. The collection conceived by Andrea-Hinekoa Rueger and Bettina Göttke-Krogmann  is characterised by a refreshing new combination of materials and colours.

LINEN LAYERS  presents a unique new linen philosophy - turning away from the `Nature-Look´ and moving in the direction of the boldest colours. Large areas in communication with the lively material linen. TRACK and BOX in the form of a two-ply fabric, the plain-coloured LEVEL and the printed SHAPE.

TALKING LINES  -  Printed fabrics are experiencing a comeback in exciting optics printed on new qualities. Fine lines provide interesting contrasts, no matter whether it is as shiny as  OXO, in science-fiction design like SCREEN or marked as with STAGE.

HOMME  -  Noble materials in masculine colours breathe life into a unique world of materials - YVES, CLAUDE and ALAIN.

WHITE + : White plus effect = pure Kinnasand.
METRIC and EXIT  play with the doubling idea: two different transparent elements amplify each other in a single fabric by them being overlapped.  In EIGHTYEIGHT and ELEVEN, the modern Computerlines graphic is transferred onto fabric.

NEW WOOL  -  this material which is indebted to the Scandinavian tradition is provided with a fresh feel by the plain SCOTT, WALKER and TAYLOR as Jacquard. Upholstery fabric with character.

CLASSIC CARPETS  -   The classic Kinnasand Carpet and Kinnasand Kelim lines have been re-interpreted by Christa Häusler-Goltz and Isa Glink. Multi-coloured designs and new amorphous form provide the motivation for new room ideas.

Design: Franziska Falke
The modern lines in this graphic design are experiencing a successful transformation on fabric.
Design: Caroline Ramberg
"Paneltracks" are especially popular in Scandinavia. When the curtains are drawn apart, "Metric" plays with the effect of being doubled-up in front of the window.
Design: Katia Fiore
The crosses print epitomises the gloss.
Design: Loka Lagerlöf Spanner
The new optic on the proven basic product, "Modus", is a by-word for the young design philosophy.
Design: Caroline Ramberg
The generous graphic design printed on linen represents a new form of aesthetics - larger spaces provide the material with great scope for development.
Design: Bettina Göttke-Krogmann.
The basic product has a metal glimmer but it is of polyester. The white pigment print plays with the matt-gloss effect.
Design: Caroline Ramberg
The generous colour fields on the fully printed fabric are speaking a new language.
Design: Bettina Göttke-Krogmann.
Finely woven lines in the basic product "Modus" - a still but clever basic.
Design: Bettina Göttke-Krogmann.
A simple material is undergoing a transformation by means of a special printing paste - it changes the transparency, the feel and the colour.