GamFratesi has developed four new upholstered editions of their iconic Beetle Chair – Gubi



GamFratesi has developed four new upholstered editions of their iconic Beetle Chair. Known for their aesthetic sensibilities, the Danish-Italian design duo and long-time GUBI collaborator has conceived this tightly curated edit of four Beetle Chairs, collectively titled ‘A Quartet of Expressions’.

The Quartet

The contemporary color palette of this edit adds a new perspective to a modern design classic, complementing a wide variety of interior settings. The texture-led, high-end upholstery fabrics in dark green, cool gray, neutral beige and two-tone white build upon the versatility of the Beetle, showcasing the fact that the upholstered shell can be customized in a wide variety of fabrics and, due to its distinctive shape, can carry a substantial range of colors and textures.

“We always knew the Beetle Chair was a versatile piece of furniture, but it has been really interesting to see just how well these four editions evoke such different moods and ambiences just by deploying different materials, colors and textures.”


Chic Chenille

The darkest of the four Beetle Chairs in the GamFratesi Edit is upholstered with chenille in dark green. Offered on a Beetle Chair for the first time, the chenille provides a velvety hand-feel paired with those conic legs, sharply defined in black.

The linen adds a vivacity to the muted hue that embodies the natural tranquility of organic growth and renewal.

The overall effect evokes a modern noir ambience while capturing the bohemian zeitgeist of the 1970s.


Beautifully Bouclé

The minimal tones of the bouclé Beetle Chair in the GamFratesi Edit showcase the intriguing texture of its astrakhan-fur-inspired wool fabric incorporating viscose and cotton.

The raw yet structured aesthetic pairs perfectly with organic shapes and natural materials. Its cool gray hue, combined with the black chair legs, evokes an atmosphere of serenity, while offering a deeply comfortable tactility and a soft surface.

Vivid Velvet

GUBI is well known for its use of velvet, especially on the Beetle Chair, but GUBI is also renowned for its dynamic curiosity. For the GamFratesi Edit, velvet in neutral beige is paired with black legs to create a soft and inviting take on an already iconic piece of furniture.



Two-tone Tactility

The double-threaded Sahco combines thick bouclé and chenille yarns to offer a layered, two-tone take on white for the palest chair in the GamFratesi Edit.

The woven structure of the fabric creates a vibrant texture that is visually dy namic and intriguing to touch.

Its minimal and modern aesthetic evokes a lighter mood perfect for capturing the sunlight and shadows within a modern architectural home.