Eero Aarnio 90 years the 21st of July 2022

The highlight of our year of celebration 2022 is almost here – the 90th birthday of Mr. Eero Aarnio this week on the 21st of July! We are grateful to continue to witness the results of your imagination, Eero, but furthermore, the warm and cheerful impact of your presence in person. We are wishing you another wonderful year of joy and happiness!

To spread this joy we have planned something special for you – a giveaway for one of the limited 1500 pieces of golden Mini KISUs. The commemorative collection of ceramic Mini KISUs were created for the celebration of Mr. Eero Aarnio’s 90th birthday in the year 2022. Mini KISUs celebrate not only this special occasion, but furthermore, the joy and laughter of everyday life. Now is your chance to get one of these limited pieces of golden Mini KISUs and take part in our special year of celebration 2022.


Kisu is the newest addition to collection, designed by Eero Aarnio

Introducing: Mini KISU designed by Eero Aarnio