Woodnotes Oy
R. Heikinheimo

May 14th, 2004

Ritva Puotila Exhibition at Woodnotes House Amsterdam
May 19 th - June 30 th, 2004The first art exhibition held at Woodnotes House Amsterdam will feature works by internationally renowned Finnish textile artist Ritva Puotila. The interaction between industrial products and unique works forms the theme of this exhibition. Colour, composition and structure are well demonstrated as Ritva Puotila’s central motives.
Woodnotes, founded in 1987 by Ritva and Mikko Puotila, is known also internationally for its comprehensive collection of paper yarn carpets and interior textiles. The Woodnotes House at Herenstraat in Amsterdam is the first own showroom with a shop that Woodnotes has opened outside Finland.

Woodnotes Nederland BV.
Herenstraat 13
1015 BX Amsterdam
Tel. +31 204 822 810
Opening hours Tu-Fr 10-18, Sat. 10-17

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