The Timo Sarpaneva - collection
14.6.2002 - 1.9.2002

In 1995 an important, retrospective collection of Timo Sarpaneva´s (born 1926) versatile works was donated to the The Museum of Art and Design. The Museum of Art and Design is showing this interesting collection during the summer 2002.

Glass and steel are the favourite materials used by Timo Sarpaneva . The collection also shows lighting equipment, rugs, door handles, wood objects, candles, textiles and the porcelaine Timo Sarpaneva designed for Rosenthal. The collection consists of about 400 pieces. A book on Timo Sarpaneva will be published in connection with
the exhibition.
Timo Sarpaneva is an admired designer and sculptor, one of the best known personnalities in the field of Finnish Design.
Since the Triennale in Milan 1954 he has received numerous prices and awards.
He is represented in the collections of museums all over the world: Japan, Italy, Israel, Holland, Germany, Schwizerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, USA and Australia.