The Special Prize of the Jury

2. Produktprogram/Product program "365+"
M, D, H – Ö, D, H
Design/Designer: Susan Pryke, Magnus Lundström, Anki Spets
Producent/Manufactured by:
ikea of Sweden AB

Juryn: Ett väl genomarbetat designprogram som innehåller det mesta för ett modernt kök. Helhetskänsla, enkelhet och fräschör i färg och form, tillverkat i goda kvaliteter. En smakförhöjande insats till ett otroligt lågt pris. 365+ är de produkter som kan förväntas säljas i störst volymer. Det är därför extra viktigt att de har ett enkelt formspråk som kommer att kunna överleva länge i vardagsköket utan att kännas tråkiga.

Jury’s comment: A well thought-out design program that contains most of what is needed in a modern kitchen. A taste-enhancing program at an unbelievably low price. 365+ consists of products that can be expected to sell in the largest volumes. It is therefore especially important that they have a simple design which will survive for a long time in an ordinary kitchen without becoming boring.


"More beautiful everyday goods for people with increasingly thin purses." That was the introduction to this big collection of glass, china and household utensils when they were launched in the winter of 1997. This time it was appropriate to recycle the old slogan of what used to be the Swedish Handicraft Association. 365+ certainly meets the definition of everyday goods and more beautiful ones -- especially for those with "more taste than money".

365+ is a well-designed program from most points of view. The idea is that it must be possible to combine the different parts of the service and also use them for more festive occasions (thus the +!). It can all be machine washed or put directly in a microwave.

And ikea has employed an international design trio to produce the 37 parts of the series. Two are Swedes, one is English. Susan Pryke is a young ceramic designer who has worked for Wedgewood, among others. She is responsible for the design of most of the china, where we note especially the generous teacup and teapot. She also designed the drinking glass.

Anki Spets is Swedish, living and working in New York since the end of the 80s. She is basically a textile designer, but also works with glass and ceramics. Her contribution to the series is the textiles: the towel, for example, with holes instead of tabs for hanging. She also designed the small china bowls and the plastic series in white and a fine dark blue.

Magnus Lindström is an industrial designer, with a background at Electrolux, among other companies. He designed the cutlery, tools and knives, the salad bowls and the wooden carving board.

The three designers have succeeded in creating timeless things in shapes and colors that will have a variety of uses. The idea is that it should be possible to add to the objects and buy them for a long time to come -- and we can only hope that they will long remain in the product line.

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