"The Hammock with a comfort you never forget", 1991.
Design: Inger Mosholt Nielsen (textile) og Hans Sandgren Jakobsen.
Sale: Inger Mosholt Nielsen
Bergensgade 3
DK-8200 Århus N.
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Hans Sandgren Jakobsen
Grøningen 20
DK-8500 Grenaa.
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Fax. (+45) 86 32 48 03

Through the workmanship and choice of material we have tried to achieve a change in our perception of a hammock. This hammock is derived from the idea of transferring the use of a hammock from an uncomfortable place to rest to a delightful day bed, which deserves a place in exclusive interior decoration.

Our objective has been to improve the comfort by stiffening the surface with flexible slats in such a way that any uncomfortable pressure on the body is eliminated.

When designing the hammock we were inspired by maritime techniques and we wanted to achieve an expression which was pure in style, simple and functional, and where the shift of structure and material formed the rhythm and pattern.

The hammock is produced in linen, wood and stainless steel. The linen material is made in 6 different colours - almond, peach, apple, kiwi, bilberries and blackberries. The types of wood are maple and pear tree. The different colours of linen can be combined with the different types of wood according to the customer's individual choice.