Object - a poetry in steel, glass, stone, wood and plastic.
Design by Mats Theselius and Andreas Roth.

Designer Mats Theselius and artist Andreas Roth call their new storage unit “”A poetry in steel, glass, stone, wood and plastic”. It’s a unique piece in five different materials where the materiality itself is an important part of the experience. All units are able to open and Swedish marble is combined with brass, corian, glass and oak. The height is 900 mm and it measures 1400 x 1000 in the base.

Cosmos pedestal tables. Design by Svensson/Wingård.

Cosmos is a brand new series of pedestal tables reflecting the designers fascination for rocket and robots with human expression. The turned base in oak is either clear laquered or painted and four different hegiths, from 600 to 1100 mm, makes it a really versatile table