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“The Podseat and Podsofa are extensions of Diagonal and offer a well-matched, wider and a more holistic approach to the modern office environment. Together with Diagonal, they create flexible areas that boost the productivity and well-being of employees by offering various ways of meeting, focusing, or reading. Podseat and Podsofa are zones for contemplation and concentration.”

More and more people are spending time in waiting areas, and while waiting want to have some privacy for making telephone calls or working with a laptop. At the same time, workers today are more and more mobile, and in many offices there are fewer and fewer dedicated workstations.  The trend is obvious – flexible working spaces will continue to be more popular. Martela’s latest and most innovative solution offerings in this area are the PodSeat and the PodSofa.

The round corners and soft shapes of the PodSeat and PodSofa are immediately noticeable are friendly and welcoming. They also provide a nice contrast in office spaces, which are often full of sharp angles. The PodSeat and PodSofa are quite compact and light, too, so you can easily reconfigure your building. They are not so tall, either, which means they won’t block the view when placed in an office. And if you move to a new office, it’s easy to take them with you, unlike the walls you might have built in previous spaces.

The screens blocking the sides and back give users a safe, comfortable, and secluded feeling. The screen length options are just long enough – there is no echo when talking on your mobile phone, as is the case with competitor products. Choose longer or shorter screens, on one or both sides, for varying effects.

The arm opening windows are practical as well as beautiful. They are at a comfortable height, so users don’t feel cramped inside, and they give a lighter visual feel to the product. Plus they help you to see at a glance if the PodSeat or PodSofa is occupied. There are several colour choices for the various components, and if desired a swing-out tabletop is an option. A great feature of the PodSeat is its swivel base, which easily allows users to choose their focus. Your PodSeats and PodSofas can also be booked for meetings, work-time or workshops by naming each of them, then including them in your space booking system.

The PodSeat and PodSofa from Martela offer many options for flexible, semi-private working that today’s more mobile workers require.

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Kari Leino, Product Manager, Martela Oyj, PL 44, 00371 Helsinki, Finland
mobile: +358  500 933 922, e-mail: kari.leino@martela.fi

Leena Puttaa-Sollo, Product Manager, Martela Oyj, PL 44, 00371 Helsinki, Finland
mobile: +358 40 84 95 480, e-mail: leena.puttaa-sollo@martela.fi



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