Peter Cohen
Born in Lund, Sweden 1946
Originally a film a director and producer, Peter Cohen became active as a designer in
2003, and had a rapid breakthrough with his shelving system Cell.

As a film director, he produced and directed such widely varying films as the animated
children’s classic Charlie’s Climbing Tree (Kalles klätterträd) and the world-renown
documentary Architecture of Doom (Undergångens arkitektur). He has also authored
such children’s books, as Olson’s Meat Pies (Olssons pastejer) and Mr. Bohm and the
Herring (Herr Bohm och sillen).

1965-66 studies under Christer Strömholm, Fotoskolan, Stockholm
1966-69 Dokumentärfilmskolan (School of Documentary Film), Stockholm
1973-75 Dramatiska Institutet (University College of Film), Stockholm
1969-1991 Active as director and producer, POJ Filmproduktion AB, Stockholm
1992-95 Independent film producer, Munich, Germany
1994 Film commission, Pontus Hultén/Museum Tinguely, Basel
1995 Lectured at Pontus Hultén´s Institut des Hautes Études en Art Plastique, Paris
1995-99 Active as director and producer, Arte Factum Filmproduktion AB, Stockholm
2003 - Active as designer, Fraktion 2 Form AB, Stockholm
2005 Debut at Stockholm Furniture Fair with a collection of prototypes, among them Cell
2005/6 Cell in production
2006 Fraktion 2 opens up a showroom in Stockholm

2005 ”Våra favoriter” (“Favorite Selection”) Elle Interiör, for Cell (as prototype)
2006 Stora formpriset (The Great Design Award) Residence, for Cell
2007 Årets möbel (Furniture of the Year Award) Sköna hem, for Cell

Vietnam, 1966
Rassenkunde und Rassengeschischte der Menschheit, 1967
Kråkbegravningen (The Crow Funeral), 1970
Charlie’s Climbing Tree (Kalles klätterträd),1973
Prix Jeunesse International, Munich 1975
The Man Who Doesn’t Want to Grow Up (Farbrorn som inte vill va´ stor), 1977
Nomination, Prix Jeunesse, Munich, 1978
The Story of Chaim Rumkowski and the Jews of Lodz (Hisorien om Chaim
Rumkowski och gettot Lodz), 1982
Inter Film Jury Award, Mannheim 1982
Golden Antenna Award, Stockholm 1983
Best Documentary Award, Global Village Film Festival, New York 1984
Village Voice Ten Best of the Year, New York 1984
Teacher Haze (Magister Flykt), 1983
Prix Danub, Brattislava 1985
International Animation Celibration Award, Los Angeles 1985
Nomination, Golden Antenna Award, Stockholm 1985
Mr. Bohm and the Herring (Herr Bohm och sillen) 1988
Prix Jeunesse International, Munich 1988
The Unicef Award, Berlin Film Festival 1988
SFBF:s barnfilmpris, Stockholm 1988 (The SFBS Prize of Film for Children)
Prize of the Jury, Odense Film Festival 1989
Architecture of Doom, 1989
Lidmanpriset, Bild & Ordakademin, Stockholm, 1990
Official Selection, Berlin Film Festival 1991
Official Selection, Toronto Film Festival, 1991
Best Documentary, Valladolid Film Festival 1991
Ostrovsky Carte Blanche, Jerusalem Film Festival 1991
Price of the Critics, Sao Paulo Film Festival 1992
Village Voice Ten Best of the Year, New York, 1993
Golden Antenna Award, Stockholm, 1993
Included in the Collection of Deutsches Historiches Museum in Berlin 1994
Homo Sapiens 1900, 1998
Official Selection, Toronto Film Festival 1999
Official Selection, Sao Paulo Film Festival 1999
Ostrovsky Carte Blanche, Jerusalem 2000

Olson’s Meat Pies (Olsons pastejer), 1989
Best Illustrated Children’s Book, New York Times Literary Supplement, 1989
Mr. Bohm and the Herring (Herr Bohm och sillen), 1991
Elsa Beskow-plaketten (The Elsa Beskow Prize) / Olof Landström 1992
Gustav och snåla glasstanten (Gus and the Stingy Ice Cream Lady), 1992
Bilden av förintelsen (The Image of the Holocaust) [anthology] The Swedish Film
Institute/The Government Offices of Sweden, 1998
Boris’s Glasses (Boris glasögon), 2002