Onecollection takes, of course, part in CODE 09 – Copenhagen Design Festival – and for this occasion we have made a very special and exclusive Finn Juhl Lounge
at our stand in Bella Center called ”House of Finn Juhl”. Here we will be presenting two world news, two sofas designed by Finn Juhl:

One of the sofas “The Wall sofa” was originally designed in 1950 for the Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum in Trondheim – probably the most well-known
room in the museum – which Finn Juhl was asked to furnish by the Norwegian art historian T. Krohn-Hansen.

The upholstered sofa is inspired by modern art, such as Henry Moore, Hans Arp, Erik Thommesen and Picasso, in which Finn Juhl was very interested. The sofa has
lacquered steel legs and the upholstery is handmade. It is fastened to the wall and only a very few pieces have been made. Onecollection has re-launched this in connection with furnishing the AA Design Museum, Korea.

The other sofa, “The Baker sofa” is known as one of the most beautiful sofas by the hand of Finn Juhl, designed in 1951 for the company Baker Furniture in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The sofa is in two parts with an upholstered body on a light construction of wood – a typical example of how Finn Juhl divided the elements in order to create lightness visually as well as constructively. On the original drawing Finn Juhl wrote the following text:

“This sofa tries to solve different problems. Good support
for the small of your back in normal position, relaxed position with your feet up in both corners, and even then rest for your elbows, as well as for your head – this effectuated by the dividing up of the back in two parts – good rest!”

Baker Furniture is a large American producer of furniture, whom Finn Juhl got in touch with, after his friend Edgar Kaufmann Jr. had introduced him in an article in the well reputated magazine “Interiors” in 1948. Mr. Hollis baker, who was the managing the large furniture producer “Baker Furniture Inc.” , contacted Finn Juhl in
order to put him in charge of a new modern line, and this lead to Juhl starting an international career bringing Danish Design out in the world for the first time. “The Baker sofa” was introduced at the fair in Chicago in 1951 and marked the international break through of Danish design which since has been of significant
importance. In the same year Finn Juhl furnished The UN Trustee Council Hall in New York and so his name became known and Denmark was at the world map as a design nation.

There has been inquiries from all over the world for this sofa, and we are very happy, that we have succeeded in re-producing this with all the old qualities, so it appears
as originally with hand-sewing and beautifully made wood work in walnut and teak. We are much honored to be able to present the sofa now 20 years after Finn Juhl passed away.

At CODE 09 we will also present Fortuna – a complete new series of conference chairs on turnable pedestals, designed by the architect Niels Gammelgaard for the
Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling 08. Niels Gammelgaard explains the thoughts behind the chair:

Onecollection and I “found each other” in a draw, and so the name Fortuna was obvious for this minimalistic, slimm shell chair which with it’s well- formed thinly upholstered body and arms and with loin support making it possible to make a long row of comfortable conference chairs, working chairs and dinning chairs – chairs with high or low back – chairs on castors, on runners, on legs, with rock back and forth in wood or metal.

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