The financial crisis has not reduced the interest for Finn Juhls classic furniture

Onecollection A/S opens the very first “House of Finn Juhl” at
Brunnenstrasse 161 in the center of Berlin in cooperation with Wohnkultur 66
in Hamburg.
-It is a dream which comes true, says Ivan Hansen, managing director at
Onecollection A/S, which produces Finn Juhls classic furniture.
Even if there is a financial crisis going on, Onecollection A/S experiences
heavy growth in both the sale of and the interest in Finn Juhls furniture
-We would like to support this trend, and this is the reason why we have
chosen to open now. Later this year we will open another “House of Finn Juhl”
in Rotterdam in Holland and in Hamamatsu in Japan, tells Ivan Hansen.
-In Germany it is our enthusiastic business partners from the furniture
shop Wohnkultur 66 in Hamburg, Martina Münch & Manfred Werner, who are
responsible for the sale of Finn Juhls furniture on the German market and they
are also handling both the decoration and the manning of “House of Finn Juhl”
in Berlin, explains Ivan Hansen.
“House of Finn Juhl” is established in an art galleri on the ground floor
facing the street, where the wellknown German photographer and professor
Bernhard Prinz will exhibit his characteristic photos together with Finn Juhls
organic furniture shapes.
-We have considered several tenancies, but the position in this creative
district with architects, artists and other galleries is perfect. We wished to have
a gallery and at showroom in Berlin, where we can serve those customers,
who want to experience the furniture in reality instead of just looking at them at
the internet – and this place we have found here. We want to create a special
atmosphere and another framing around the furniture than you can achieve by
placing them between other furniture in a shop. Here we focus on Finn Juhls
furniture only, explains Ivan Hansen.
On May 2nd “House of Finn Juhl” opens with at reception for invited guests,
but in connection with the DMY-Festival in Berlin from June 3rd-7th there will
be an opening for the public.
In the beginning “House of Finn Juhl” will be open every weekend – and on
workdays by appointment only.

On you can experience “House of Finn Juhl”, if you
do not have the possibility of taking a weekend trip to Berlin.

For further information please contact Ivan Hansen at Onecollection A/S,
phone +45 702 771 01.

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