Stockholm Furniture Fair

Innovative technical textile gives form to Fly,
a new design from OFFECCT and Patrick Norguet

In launching the Fly chair, OFFECCT has drawn on the skills of one of France’s most interesting designers. Patrick Norguet worked on the project for four years before he and the design team at OFFECCT found the right technology to produce the chair.

“It is really not a complicated design,” he says. “What was difficult was to find a manufacturer who could make the technical textile with the minimum possible environmental impact.”

A first glance at Fly makes one think of the Far East, and Norguet compares the shape of the chair to the helmet worn by Japanese samurai. Fly has an organic
design language in which the fabric itself creates much of the shape by being stretched over the metal frame.

Because very little energy is used to make the fabric, Fly meets OFFECCT’s high demands for sustainable production. The company maintains a continual dialogue with both its suppliers and manufacturers about how best to produce environmentally friendly products.

Norguet studied design at ENSCI in Paris. His career then received a major boost when he was commissioned to be in charge of all visual communications for Louis Vuitton. In 2000 he chose to leave that prestigious work to start his own design studio doing commissions for companies like OFFECCT and Cappellini.



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